Merritt Chicks Update!

Remember the adorable fluffy chicks that hatched at the Merritt Library? Ros, our chicken-mom, kindly took some pictures so we can see how much they’ve grown. They’ve been doing well at home!

The chicks have grown quite a bit since they hatched at the library. They’ve now reaching the awkward teen stage – but we still think they’re pretty adorable. They’re enjoying being with their family, and are well on their way to becoming beautiful egg-laying hens.

You might remember that we predicted the chicks would be a mix of Ameraucana, Copper Maran, and Houdans. We were mostly right! And, after carefully assessing the flood of entries we received for the naming contest, Ros assigned names based on the personality of each hen. Here they are! Lynx, Sunny, Tedward, Peep, and KeeKee.

Lynx and Sunny

Here we can see Lynx front and centre displaying the Ameraucana's well known fluffy cheeks. She has some beautiful colouring to her feathers. Behind Lynx, you can catch a glimpse of the camera shy Sunny. Her dark colouring and the poofy crest of feathers on top of her head show she's a Houdan. We couldn't get a better picture of Sunny, but that's ok. She's more comfortable supporting her family in the background.


Houdans typically have a v-shaped crown and a pronounced crest. You can see some of those features here in Tedward, our most fashion-forward hen. She's a little blurry because the teen chicks still like to keep active.


The mystery hen! You may recall we had one mystery egg and Peep is the result. We think she may be a Rhode Island, but we're not 100% sure. Despite not knowing, she's happy and healthy and we love her.


KeeKee had the Copper Maran squirrel-like patterning when she hatched, but now she has grown into deeper colours. KeeKee has also become quite assertive in her teen years. Ros says she'll be well suited to chicken-leadership roles. Here you can also see another glimpse of Sunny photo-bombing in the background.

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by, tuned in, or submitted an entry for the naming contest. You made this program such a success!

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