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Each year the TNRL brings in a Canadian writer to be our Writer in Residence. The Writer in Residence helps local writers with their own works, puts on workshops for the public, and spends time working on their own projects.

Screenwriter in Residence 2021 - Ken Hegan

Fast facts about Ken Hegan:

  • Born and raised in Kamloops
  • Was the Vancouver Public Library 2019-2020 Screenwriter in Residence
  • Written for networks such as CBC, TSN, & the Comedy Network
  • Co-wrote the Opening Essay for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (which was narrated by Donald Sutherland!)
  • Winner of the Gemini Award for excellence in Canadian television
  • Has three feature film scripts optioned by production companies
  • Filmed his feature film Outrunners in Kamloops

Our 2021 Screenwriter in Residence is a local whose work has netted him success on the big & small screen. “Yay! I’m thrilled and honoured to be the TNRL’s Screenwriter in Residence because Kamloops rules!” Says Ken. “I can’t wait to write/direct more films here and this awesome residency is the ideal opportunity to meet and inspire local writers to do the same.”

So why would a big-time city boy like Ken come back to his hometown?

Ken says, “Kamloops has character, a quality that’s so valuable to writers, and the entire region is incredibly cinematic (I love filming the desert/sagebrush hills west of town and would love to film in Ashcroft and Cache Creek). When I wrote my Outrunners screenplay in Brocklehurst during the 2020 lockdown, I’d dream up scenes in the morning, then I’d rollerblade around North Kamloops to find perfect streets to film them on.”

Ken is excited to work with local screenwriters, but is also looking forward to providing assistance to those working in other formats. With articles published in Rolling Stone and GQ, Ken’s experience as a writer spans genres and decades. He has written popular travel columns for MSN and The National Post, and a relationship column for men’s magazine Toro. Ken’s writing has netted him over 25 film, TV, and print awards & nominations including three gold National Magazine Awards for Best Humour Article.

Check out the official site of Ken’s feature film Outrunners and view some of Ken’s work in the videos below!

Brewed is a beer-soaked comedy series about the self-destructive staff of a hipster craft brewery. 

Book a Consultation

Ken is available for one-on-one consultations with writers within the TNRD. Each writer will receive detailed notes from Ken on how to improve their stories and scenes. Consultations are available by appointment only. Depending on the writer’s location consultations may be available in-person, via phone, or video-conference. Please indicate your preference in your appointment booking.

Writing samples must be provided at least one week in advance of your appointment. Electronic submissions are preferred but print copies will be accepted.

How to Submit Writing Samples:

Electronic Submissions

Upload your work via the below form or email to wir@tnrd.ca.
Only one file per submission with a maximum size of 20MB.
Print Submissions
Mail or deliver your work to:
Ken Hegan
100-465 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC
V2C 2A9

Writing Sample Requirements:

Submissions not meeting the following requirements will not be accepted and any scheduled appointments will be rescheduled. Please include:

  1. Cover page with your name, email, and telephone number
  2. Brief introduction including your writing experience to date and any specific questions you have or aspects of your work that you would like to discuss.
  • No more than 12 pages
  • Font: Courier, size 12
  • Must be formatted in a screenwriting program like Final Draft or Fade In
For non-screenplay submissions:
  • No more than 12 pages
  • Double-spaced
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12
  • Standard margins
  • .doc or .docx file type (for electronic submissions)
  • Page numbered in the bottom right-hand corner

Consultation Booking Form

Writer in Residence Consultation
Maximum upload size: 20MB


About the Writer in Residence Program

The Writer in Residence program was launched in Fall 2019, with mystery author Deryn Collier as our inaugural writer. With a pause in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic the residency was relaunched in 2021 with a new focus. Each year we hope to feature a different Canadian writer from a variety of formats and genres. 

The TNRL residency is designed to have an equal impact on both the Writer and TNRD residents. 50% of the Writer’s time is to be spent on community programming in partnership with the library and 50% will be dedicated to the Writer’s own projects. 


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