Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign

Each year the TNRL brings the Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign to all grade 3 students in our service area. This includes students in School District No. 58 Nicola-Similkameen, School District No. 73 Kamloops/Thompson, and School District No. 74 Gold Trail, as well as students who are at independent schools, homeschooling, or learning from home.

Registration forms are sent home to parents during the first weeks of school. Students will then receive their brand new library cards before the winter break. Along with their card, they receive a welcome letter and special sticker from Acorn, the campaign ambassador. To learn more, check out the Grade 3 Library Campaign video below.

As an added incentive, the classes with the highest rate of participation in the campaign will receive a prize and a special visit from Acorn.

If you are an educator or parent who would like to participate, email for more information.

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