What is Early Literacy?

It might seem like children don’t start building their literacy skills until they learn to read, but in fact the development of literacy skills begins at birth! We call these literacy skills, which children develop long before they are ready to read, “early literacy”. 

Children with stronger early literacy skills have better foundations for beginning to read and write when they start school. They also have better foundations for being successful throughout their life. That’s why it’s so important to support the development of these skills.

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Literacy at Home

Books to Build Early Literacy Skills

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Early Literacy Kits

Our Early Literacy Kits are perfect for building literacy skills and introducing new ideas to your child. They cover a range of topics, from Colours to Gender & Identity.
Each kit includes 10 books, along with related materials like puzzles, puppets, or CDs, and suggestions for crafts and activities.

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