Books for BC Babies

Having children’s books at home increases a child’s literacy skills and improves their chances for success. There’s no easier way to get started than with a free Books for BC Babies bag from the TNRL.

Every bag includes:

  • a high-quality children’s board book
  • a CD of songs from a children’s performer
  • a welcome letter
  • a handout on Early Literacy
  • a list of recommended reads for babies and toddlers

The bag is perfect for toddlers who want to  to carry their own books home from the library!

Nothing! Your Books for BC Babies bag is absolutely free, a gift from your local library to you, to welcome your new baby into the wonderful world of reading.

In Kamloops, we receive support from Literacy in Kamloops to make this program possible. Thank you LinK!

We change the book and the CD in the bag every year, as well as updating the recommended books on the reading list, so we encourage you to pick up a bag for every new baby as you welcome them into your family! It’s an easy way to keep building your family library.

Get a Books for BC Babies Bag

Visit any Library to pick up your bag. Or, place a Personal Picks order to have a Books for BC Babies bag included in your order.

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