Tech Tuesday: Check out the Internet Movie Database!

Do you want to know all the movies Leonardo Di Caprio was in? Or perhaps there’s a new movie coming out and you want to know who’s in it. Are you in the midst of an argument about who wrote the script for Rocky? (It was Sylvester Stallone). The Internet Movie Database ( is an online database of the film and television industry and it’s a great go-to resource for anyone interested movies and TV.

Library staff use it frequently when a patron asks for a movie that they know starred a certain actress or actor but they can’t remember the title. Searching for the performer’s name brings up their entire filmography which lets you find the proper title so you can place a hold on the DVD, plus you can see the other productions they were in or are going to be in.

Trivia, bios of performers, and information about shooting locations is often included as well. Many titles that are announced but are still in production have IMDB pages. You can also bring up the page for a specific title and find out who played each of the characters.

It’s a fantastic resource for anyone who loves watching movies, TV series, documentaries, or even music videos. also features plenty of articles, interviews, watch lists and dates for new releases. If you create a free account you can also rate and review productions.

There’s also an app!

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