Captains Log: Journey Through Space Week 5

This is Captain Julye reporting in from week 5 of my journey through space. Now that I am halfway through my journey, I needed to stop and refuel. Luckily, I found a spaceport on a local dwarf planet. While I was refueling there, I met an alien from another universe. They were studying myths from other worlds and asked for a myth from Earth.

Prior to launch, I prepared for meeting alien life by telling stories of Earth to my mother, Major General Mom. I’ve included in this report a photo of one of our practice sessions. I checked out the Last Quest of Gilgamesh from my local library and read it to her. Gilgamesh is an ancient Mesopotamian hero. In the last quest, he is on a hunt for immortality! What myth would you tell to an alien?

Remember to submit photos of your challenges to us through our submissions page:

The more challenges you complete, the more entries you earn into our grand prize draw!


I also read the myth to Colonel Grandpa. He was highly entertained.

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