#Staffpick: Stories of Notable People for 6-12

The world holds over 7 billion people. This week for our #Staffpick, Nicola has a handful of books that highlight some real and fictional notable people around the world!

Detective Academy: Challenge 5

There are times when a detective needs to be undetectable. This week we are going to be sharpening our incognito skills.

Summer Craftivity: Compost Bin

This week we are going to explore the awesome ways our earth works by learning about composting! In this craft we will be creating a compost bin and start our composting journey.

Detective Academy: Challenge 4

Invisible ink is used by spies to keep their messages safe from unwanted readers. Much like spies, detectives have to keep their writing protected!

Summer Craftivity: Nature Prints

With the beautiful warm weather this week. we’ve been inspired to enjoy the outdoors and create some awesome art. This week our craftivity will be creating some nature prints!

#Staffpick: Nature Books for 6-12

This week dive into these awesome #staffpick books that are all about our environment and nature. These have all been picked by Nicola!

Detective Academy: Challenge 3

Every detective needs to have great observational skills so, this week we are going to sharpen our observational skills!​

Summer Craftivity: Lava Lamp

This week’s theme is STEAM! Our craft this week focuses on science. We are going to be making our very own lava lamp at home!

#Staffpick: STEAM Books for 6-12

This week we are cracking the code with these #staffpicks from Nicola. These books all have some pretty wacky science elements.

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