Library Card Registration
How do I get a library card?
Library cards are issued free to anyone who lives in or owns property in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. A library card offers access to the entire collection of the Regional Library to everyone, regardless of age. Parental consent is required to obtain a library card for children age 11 and under. Guardians of children age 11 and under are responsible for any material borrowed or charges issued on that card. Persons 12 and over are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost, or damaged.

To obtain a library card, apply in person at any Thompson-Nicola Regional Library with the following identification.
One valid piece of ID with your current mailing address such as a Driver’s license, BC Services Card, or a BC ID card. If you do not have ID with your current address you will need to provide 2 pieces of ID, one of which proves residency in the TNRD.

Examples of some acceptable Identification/proof of address:
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Status Card
  • Care Card
  • Utility bill
  • Car registration
  • Rental agreement
  • Piece of postmarked mail
Children (age 11 and under)
One piece of ID for the child, such as a birth certificate, and proof of address for the parent/guardian.
Teens (age 12-18)
Middle school or high school students attending a school within the TNRD are considered residents and do not need to provide proof of address. Please bring in your valid school ID card to register for a library card.

If you are not attending school, please follow the identification requirements for adults.
Post-Secondary Students
Students attending a post-secondary education institution within the TNRD are considered residents and do not need to provide proof of address. Please bring in your valid school ID card to register for a library card.
If I don’t live in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, am I able to get a library card?
Yes, if you are staying in the area for less than six months, you may obtain a Non-Resident card for a 6 month period for a fee of $30.00. If your situation changes and you are able to document your eligibility for a free card, we will gladly refund your $30.00 payment.

I have a card with another library in BC. May I borrow from the Thompson-Nicola Regional Library?
See our BC One Card page on how to borrow library materials when traveling out of town.

I just moved. How do I update my account?
Please ask staff to change your personal information such as address and/or telephone number. You will be asked for proof of your new address.

I recently got married and changed my name. Do I need a new card?
Yes. If you have legally changed your name, you need to re-register. Please bring a piece of identification with you to your library with your new name.

How often does my card expire?
Every three years. Staff will take a few moments to review your personal information during your visit to ensure our records are up to date.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Contact any Thompson-Nicola Regional Library as soon as you notice your card is missing. We can change your card status to lost to prevent unauthorized checkouts. Please note that you are responsible for your card and any items taken out on it.

What is my PIN/password?
When you register with the TNRL, staff set your PIN/password to the last 4 digits of your telephone number. You always have the option of creating a longer password of your choosing or you can reset the password.

Loan Periods / Borrowing
How many items can I take out at once?
The total borrowing limit is 50 items. For more information on borrowing limits, loan periods and fines see the chart below.

ItemLimit Per BorrowerLoan Period / RenewalsFines
Books504 weeks / 2 renewals$.10 per day/ Max $3.00
Mass Market Paperback Books504 weeks / 2 renewals$.05 per day/ Max $1.00
Quick Reads/ Quick Views31 week / no renewals$1.00 per day/ Max of $10.00
Graphic Novel502 weeks / 2 renewals$.10 per day/ Max of $3.00
Large Print Books504 weeks / 2 renewals$.10 per day/ Max of $3.00
Books on CD/Tape/MP3304 weeks / 2 renewals$.10 per day/ Max $3.00
Magazines502 weeks / 2 renewals$.05 per day/ Max $1.00
CD Music202 weeks / 2 renewals$.10 per day/ Max of $3.00
DVD/BLU-RAY/VHS20 2 weeks / 2 renewals$.25 per day/ Max $3.00
Video Games32 weeks / 2 renewals$1.00 per day/ Max $10.00
Literacy Kits16 weeks / no renewals$1.00 per day/ Max $10.00
InterLibrary Loans32 weeks (renewals : check with staff)$ .50 per day/ Max $5.00
Book Club Sets18 weeks / no renewals$1.00 per day/ Max $10.00
7-day-loan507 days / 0 renewals$.10 per day / Max $3.00
53 weeks / no renewals but you can check them out again after they expire if they are still availableNone
BC Wildlife Park Pass More details... 
Family Fitness Pass17 days / 0 renewals     More details...$1.00 per day
See The Heat - Thermal Imaging Kit17 days / 0 renewals     More details...$1.00 per day
Budding Birder Backpack114 days / 0 renewals     More details...$1.00 per day
*** Mobile Library Exception: Please note that all loan periods are 6 weeks for Mobile Library stops that are visited every 3 weeks.

How many times may I renew an item?
You may renew an item twice if there are no other patrons waiting for the item and if the item is a renewable format. Note that each renewal is considered another loan period. You may renew by phone, online or in person.

What is the maximum amount of fines I may have on my card?
Please keep your card in good standing. If you have fines in excess of $10.00, you will be asked to pay down your account before borrowing, placing holds or renewing items.

What payment options do you offer?
All libraries accept cash or personal cheque. The Kamloops & North Kamloops Libraries also accepts debit.

I lost an item and paid for it. Now I have just found it under the couch. What should I do?
Return the item to the Library where you paid for it. If the item is returned within 12 months of the date you paid for it, we will gladly refund your money.

Does the TNRD loan ebooks?
Yes! If your account is active and in good standing, library patrons have access to downloadable ebooks and Audiobooks.

Where can I return library materials?
You may return your items to:

Recommendations / Requests for Purchase
Do you accept recommendations for new items?
The Library encourages and considers all patron suggestions. While the Library endeavors to have something for everyone, please note that the Library cannot purchase every suggestion received. Use the Title Request form to submit your request or talk to a staff member.

The book I want is older and I don't see it in the catalogue. Am I able to obtain a copy?
See our Interlibrary Loan page to find out how to request older items not in our system.

How many holds may I place?
50 physical items

How long do I have to pick up my hold?
You have 7 days from the date of notification to pick up your hold before it moves to the next patron.

How long can I freeze my holds?
You can freeze your holds for 255 days from the date of hold creation.

I wasn't able to freeze my hold…why not?
Holds that are first in the queue, in transit to your pick up library, or on the holds shelf awaiting pick up cannot be frozen.

How do I get notified about holds?
The most reliable method is by email. You can login to My Account and modify your personal information by adding an email address and designate notices by email. Or, staff can add an email address to your account.

The other method for hold and overdue notification is an automated telephone notice. The telephone robot will call the day after your hold has arrived at your Library. Calls are made Monday through Saturday from 9:30am to 6 pm. The message runs twice to accommodate all manner of answering machines. There is a brief pause before the message starts. The call display will show 250-374-8866 and show as the LIBRARY. If the robot does not succeed, it will try twice more the same day.

The telephone robot calls telephone numbers with a 250/778/236 prefix only. The call is anonymous in order to protect patron privacy. If there are multiple library users in your household, we suggest you check My Account or call your local library to ensure the hold is your own before you make the trip to the library.

The robot cannot telephone a specific extension or room number.

If you have signed up for telephone notices but are not receiving them, staff can check your account for calling history.

Do you offer pre-overdue or courtesy notification?
Yes! If you have a valid email address on your account, you will receive a pre-overdue reminder. You can then decide whether you want to renew your items or return them to avoid fines.

How do your overdue notifications work?
You may receive overdue notification by email or by our telephone robot. The telephone robot call is anonymous and intended to protect patron privacy.

Is my husband/wife/mother/sister/friend able to pick up my holds?
You may designate someone to pick up your holds, place holds, view borrowing history, and borrow items on your account. You can do this during your visit at the library. Please inform staff what you permit the designated person to do so they may note this on your account.

I have a question that was not answered here, who should I ask?
Email us at Ask a Librarian or contact your local branch.